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About Us

Woman and son in reception area

Keeping Your Family Healthy

Our chiropractic care center is focused on family wellness. That means moms, dads, children, babies and grandparents are all welcome at our office. We have a particular interest in pediatric chiropractic. Our kid-friendly office includes a play area, changing table in the bathroom and plenty to keep your little ones busy and happy. Dr. Adam is also certified in the Webster Technique for expecting moms.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

We believe that everyone has their purpose in life. We want to create the environment and experience for you to be who you truly are. You can then grow to be a better spouse, parent, child or grandparent.

Following the Golden Rule

At our office, we think it’s essential to follow the Golden Rule. You’ll be treated just like we’d want to be treated if we were visiting a new office. Every person who walks in will receive the same care that we’d recommend to a member of our family.

There is never any pressure or judgment when you meet Dr. Adam. He wants to build a relationship and earn your trust, then help you with your particular concerns.

Find True Health and Awareness

One of Dr. Adam’s patients was a mother and daughter who came in regularly for periodic wellness checkups. Once, the daughter came in and wasn’t as vibrant as usual. When asked about how she was, the girl’s eyes welled up with tears. She was a dedicated ballet dancer and found a particular move was difficult to do. Though she wasn’t in pain, the girl knew it didn’t feel right. She had visited multiple other well-meaning doctors without answers.

After a few weeks of care, she could perform at a high level again. Rather than seeking help for a symptom, the girl knew that something was off and sought assistance for it.

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